How Keto Found Me

My whole life I’ve either been high or low, black or white…no shades of gray. I’m learning about the middle parts. It’s a new language to me. Being an all or nothing person has brought adventure into my life, but it has brought unrest too. Now that I’m 54, finding a mid-point, balance…sideways is my daily goal (dislike that word, but it’s accurate).

I decided to write this blog in hopes that there might be a few people out there that might relate to me and my story.  I also hope that through my research, education and pure curiosity, people will be interested in the things I discover.  Ketogenics, Nootropics and a bit of biohacking are central to my life now.  I am in the process of getting certified as a health coach mainly focusing on the Ketogenic lifestyle.  I am discovering some incredibly interesting and cutting edge info out there.  I am a sponge, absorbing new information everyday (podcast junkie).  Many of the things I read about or hear about, I try on myself, see what happens!  This is what I want to share with you. My findings, my fails, and my successes.

The story about how Keto found me will come in a few days.  Right now I need to focus on getting this WordPress site tight.  It’s a bit confusing to me.  Once I am familiar with the platform, I will continue on with this blog.  I wanted to start writing today. So very impatient!  Just a tiny introduction.

Hi, I’m Ricka



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