Keto Begins-The Keto Club Creation

I first heard about Keto through my friend, Melanie.  Melanie is like family.  One evening she came into my room and something she said caught my interest. It had to do with Keto.  I can’t recall now exactly what she said, I only know that something in me was very curious, more than curious, ignited!

My search for Keto had me diving into google searches, YouTube videos, podcasts and Pinterest pinning.  On March 21, 2018, I made my first Keto dish.  I know this because I took a photo of the final result.  It was a Zucchini Gratin with Bacon.  How is it that eating zucchini with plentiful amounts of bacon (oh my God, really?) and cheese can be good for you? The casserole ended up being so incredibly delicious and satisfying. Day after day and night after night, I  continued my research.  I was eating 100% Ketogenic by then and never felt better.  What I noticed was a dramatic change in my energy.  It wasn’t a wired type of feeling, it was like there was a pilot light on, deep inside of me and it didn’t go  out.  The feeling at times was uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to it.  I was used to the 3pm brain fog phantom.  This invisible force would wrap itself around me, pulling me down into the couch or worse, my bed.  Most of the time, during the late afternoon, I would crave a snack.  SKINNY POP was a favorite.  It was harmless, right? Low in fat and calories.  But one minute after eating the pitiful little bag, I was grabbing for another bag then maybe some Oreos.  Oh, and another detail, I was addicted to CNN.  Picture me snacking on salty air bits and watching CNN.  I was a zombie.  I didn’t admit this to many, but that was a chunk of my afternoon.

Back to Keto and where I am now.  My energy is even.  I lost extra pounds I didn’t need.  I can run again because I don’t have inflammation in my knees.  I no longer have any sugar cravings.  I never snack because I am always satisfied. I don’t obsess about food.  My skin and hair are stronger.  My brain is able to focus like never before.  There is no way I could have started this blog or created a new instagram account. Understand that I had no energy.  If I did have an idea, I would loose focus and give up.  I couldn’t sustain anything!

One of my greatest gifts is the creation of my Keto Club.  It started out with 2 women, Melanie and Lisa and now 4, Melanie, Lisa, Marita and Gillian.  It is a small, but powerful group.  These ladies mean business. They are accountable, motivated, engaged and joyful.  They add richness to my life.  They are giving my life a new purpose. I’m in the process of becoming certified as a health coach, focusing on the Ketogenic lifestyle.  These woman support me in so many ways.  They send me photos and descriptions of their meals everyday, text me their questions and concerns.  If I don’t know something, I research it until I do.  They are pushing me forward. Last night, June 1, was our first official Keto Club dinner meeting.  It was the first time I saw two of the women, Gillian and Marita in person.  I felt like I knew them because we are in contact so often.  So there we all were, in my kitchen, poking through my Keto library, chatting up a storm. I made everyone my special Keto mock-tail: Mountain Berry Blast Powerade, coconut collagen and a pump of MCT oil. It was a hit!  I took everyone’s blood ketone levels (ouch) and everyone was in ketosis!  Awesome! It would have been disappointing if one person wasn’t…but that wasn’t the case!  Then we ate…what great night!

Keto Club:  Ricka, Lisa, Marita, Gillian and Mel

My next blog I’m going to explain in very simple terms how to eat Ketogenic.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Keto Begins-The Keto Club Creation

  1. Hi Ricka! Good for you for finding a diet with so many positives. I’m not keto but I do eat no grains/no sugar and it has done mostly the same for me. And once you see the benefits there is no going back. ~Kathy

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