A Ritual of Liquids

Fatty Coffee & Nootropics, how I love thee…

I wake up every morning and make my “fatty coffee”.  What the f is that, you might ask? Well, its coffee (organic) mixed up with a whole bunch of crazy good fatty stuff.  My recipe: organic coffee, mct oil, Ghee or grass-fed butter and organic heavy cream (yes…heavy duty 100% full fat cream!). This fatty coffee satiates me for hours.

The best thing about this coffee is this: My blood sugar never drops.  You know that feeling, when all of the blood goes out of your face,chest,arms and legs. You basically feel like you’re going to pass out.  Have you been there? Then the sugar cravings come barreling in! I need a glazed donut, an end of a baguette, a cinnamon roll or a multi-grain croissant…wait! I thought “multi-grain” is healthy?….nope, it isn’t. It does the same thing in the body as a stack of pancakes would. Blood sugar spikes, then falls, then I feel like crap for hours, days sometimes. This full o fat coffee is my answer and has been for over 3 months! Not one craving…miracle!

Ok! By 11am I am ready for my nootropic fix!  This is when I am ready for extra brain clarity and extra energy.  I love Power Your Mind by Perfect Keto.  This powder is filled with herbs, MCT’s and collagen.  The chocolate flavor is rich and delicious.  I have one of those big water bottles that come with a mixing ball.  I add one scoop of powder, water and ice. I shake the hell out of it!  Increased energy lasts for hours.  I never feel wired…hate that feeling.

Lesson time!

What are MCT’s? Stands for medium-chain triglycerides (fats). These fats have a positive effect on our metabolism.  The fats are burned by the body for energy instead of being stored as fat…nice, right?

What’s a Nootropic? They are also known as “smart drugs” or cognitive enhancers. They  are certain supplements or substances that improve cognitive function, mood, mental clarity, memory or creativity…in healthy individuals.  Geeezzzz! They do a lot of work!

Collagen? Why?  here you go!   https://www.perfectketo.com/benefits-of-collagen/. I’m sharing this link with you because I can’t begin to explain how great collagen is for you.  The people at Perfect Keto know their s*&!

my morning ritual

Getting In My Own Way

I did it again.  I was moving along so nicely. Steady and calm.  I was clear about my daily goals.  Studying for my Keto health coach certification for three hours. Check!  Taking care of my daughters, including driving them around from place to place.  Check!  Walking Poppy and not just a half assed walk…a substantial hike.  Check!  Anything my husband needs from me.  Check!  Connecting throughout the day with my Keto Club.  Check!  So how did the hell did I get seduced off my path?  I’ll tell you how, money!

Here’s my embarrassing story.  I bake ketogenic goods.  Yummy ones.  I enjoy making them for my friends and family, well, my husband.  My daughters, 15 year old twins, eat the food that looks like regular food.  The minute I create something that is  obviously Keto, they frown, balk, wince and make some snarky comment.  They hate it before they even taste it.  Whatever… age appropriate, I suppose.   Okay, back to my story and I’ll make it short.  I got it in my head (actually Melanie, my pal put it there) that I should bake for the local farmers market in Katonah, NY.  The next day I am on the phone with the woman who is in charge of all of the farmers markets in Westchester.  She loved the idea of Keto baked goods, thought it could be a hit.  No one is doing it, she told me.   That’s when it happened.  I pictured myself at the beatific farmers market on a Saturday morning, crowds of interested people inquiring, “What is this Keto thing all about?” ” What? No sugar? Low carb bread, are you kidding?” ” I can lose weight eating pizza?”! “I need to buy 30 loaves right now, oh, and add 50 Keto brownie bites too”!  Next I pictured myself cooking full time in my kitchen, having helpers, and creating packaging.   I even went so far down the road that I imagined what my shipment trucks would look like.  Back in real life, I made phone calls to the city and inquired about insurance, home kitchen regulations, professional/industrial kitchens. I even found a church with a kitchen I could use.  Reality came down hard.  The hoops I’d have to jump through, the money I would have to put down, the stress, the irritation and the deadlines!  What the f’ am I doing?  How did I get here?  I just want to help people with their health, not start an empire…

I got up the next morning and went for a walk with Poppy.  I was confused, drained and paralyzed. I called my friend, Dana.  I told her about my story.  With a few words, she brought me back to myself.  I was reined in.  My delusions gone, my stress disappeared.  In lieu of an empire, we came up with small and joyful ideas for me.  Breadcrumb steps.

I had been there before.  Many times.  Starting with something I’m passionate about and then taking some detour that ultimately made me quit everything.  In hindsight, it almost seems like I do it to myself on purpose.  A form of sabotage.  Thankfully, in this case, I caught it in the early stages.

I love my path so much.  I’m connecting with the greatest people and reconnecting with inspiring old friends.  All of this is happening organically, not forced. The journey has a mind of it’s own.  I just need to let go of the wheel, and get out of the way and trust!


My amazing husband, Jeff and Poppy…yes, they both eat Keto